Top Shelf Furniture Co. LAUNCH

Top Shelf Furniture Co. LAUNCH

I am not sure if anything could be more exciting than opening your first online furniture store!

I guess I should start off by introducing myself. My name is Ashton Pierce. I am the owner of the company. I work alongside my dad, Gary Pierce, who is the one behind all upholstery. We started this business to be able to do what we love, reupholstery. I love taking an used, well-made frame and making it into something brand new. I source only the best fabrics for my pieces. My goal is to give you furniture you love and want in your living space.

I hope y'all enjoy what I have to offer for the launch. There will be more coming as demand expands. You can sign up for our emails so you can be notified when new product is available for purchase. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Ashton Pierce, Owner

Woman-owned and Family operated.

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